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Willard Water

Catalyst Altered Water or Willard Water, hereafter referred to as CAW, is a patent-protected water concentrate that is water that has been altered at a molecular level. It was invented by Dr. John Willard. CAW is a liquid concentrate and when you mix the CAW concentrate with filtered water in the correct proportions, the resulting drinkable water has quite amazing properties for healing. There are books that can explain the complex chemistry, Aqua Vitae, by Roy Jacobsen, 1992. There is a free download about CAW on our resources page. Here it is briefly:

Catalyst Altered Water solution (the concentrate + filtered water) is water that has been permanently altered at a molecular level by the interaction of the water and the CAW concentrate. The resulting CAW water molecules form extremely long water molecule chains, not the usual H2O short-chain structure of ordinary water. Altogether, this affects the electron make-up of water, its atomic structure and allows:

  • the H2O molecules to bind in strong, extremely long chains (upwards of 70,000 molecules);
  • the establishment of a high, stable (unalterable) pH level (see below) which has substantial health benefits in itself;
  • the CAW to act as an excellent anti-oxidant to stabilize free radicals (arguably one of the best anti-oxidants available); and,
  • rapid cellular mobilization through the pre-digestive tract. Catalyst Altered Water solution has a water integrity very similar to cellular cytoplasm, which in itself increases biological mobilization and reduces heart mass pressure. This is one of the little understood properties of Catalyst Altered Water solution. It closely resembles the body’s inner-cellular fluid, cytoplasm. This more easily facilitates the rapid replacement of cellular fluid loss, the repair and detoxification of cellular structure, the processing of nutrients, and the reduction of heart mass pressure.

There are two types of Catalyst Altered Water, Dark-XXX and Clear. The clear Catalyst Altered Water is “straight” CAW (shown at right). The Dark-XXX CAW has elemental bio-available mineral nutrients added to it. Either one is excellent for personal health, although when beginning a protocol that includes CAW the director recommends beginning with Clear CAW. The dark CAW facilitates bio-available trace-mineral replacement and is slightly more expensive. With external applications and some chronic skin conditions or sensitivities it is always advisable to use only the clear CAW concentrate. Note that the skin gel formulas presented in the manual use only the Clear CAW.

Catalyst Altered Water has a high, stable pH level. (That in itself is of significant healing benefit.) The clear CAW concentrate has a pH level of 12.6 and a mixed solution pH level of 10.7. As a concentrate, the dark (sometimes called XXX CAW) has a pH level of 12.3 and mixed XXX/dark water solution has a pH of 10.6.[2] This high, stable pH level has a strong prohibitive effect on bacteria and viruses. The pH stability makes it more effective for healing than electronically altered water.

Anti-oxidant Properties

The electron makeup of the long CAW molecule chains acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that stabilizes free radicals without the CAW becoming a free radical itself. This is because of the positive electron charge and the abundance of ions available for molecular stabilization. Catalyst Altered Water solution, because of this, facilitates the flow of body energy, like an electrical conductor, and has a significantly positive effect on body-energy work (much more than drinking “ordinary” water). CAW greatly improves water’s efficiency in all body processes. It acts as an influential healing agent in raising the body’s pH level, organ specific, and enhances body energy transmissions.


One of the benefits of Catalyst Altered Water is its amazing effect on healing burns. It appears that because of the molecular properties of CAW (extraordinarily long molecule chains) it can act similar to a “second skin” that covers a skin burn. When it is sprayed repeatedly on a skin burn, pain often goes away and healing is often scar-free. The book Aqua Vitae (by Roy Jacobsen) is a valuable resource. The Organic Sulfur Manual has CAW solution and skin treatment recipes. Spray the burned areas lightly every thirty to forty-five (30 – 45) minutes so the burned areas are damp/wet. Don’t dry it off, let it air-dry itself, and spray again in 30 – 45 minutes. Do this until the burn is healed.

Mixing The Solution (Standard)

The standard preparation for Catalyst Altered Water concentrate by the manufacturer, for consumption, is as follows: in plastic jug, not glass, mix together:

  • 1 ounce of CAW clear concentrate in one US gallon of non-chlorine water, or
  • 2 ounces of CAW XXX dark concentrate in one US gallon of non-chlorine water.
  • Let sit for a couple of hours. Store this in plastic jug, not glass. (CAW can have a weakening affect on glass—it can create a ‘fault line’ from the action of the micelle and the glass container can easily crack.) Use food-grade plastic containers with CAW.
Health Ingestion & Consumption — Suggestion

After 26 years of research, for recovering health, the director of this project recommends a slight increase in the ratio of CAW concentrate and water for human (or pet) consumption. For 4 liters (or 1 US gallon) in a clean, empty food-grade plastic jug of four liters (which is about 4 ounces more than one US gallon) mix:

  • 1¼ ounces of the CAW clear concentrate to a four liter jug of filtered, chlorine-free water, or
  • 2¼ ounces of the CAW XXX dark concentrate to a four liter jug of filtered, chlorine-free water.
  • Let sit for a couple of hours. Store this in plastic jug, not glass.

This is ¼ ounce more than is recommended by the CAW manufacturer. This creates a permanent, high pH catalyst altered water for consumption and cooking. (Boiling and cooking does not affect it.) This slightly increased ratio has consistently shown better affect when healing from illness or injury. It will tend to stabilize an anxious nervous system as reported by several dozen participants and acts rapidly through the pre digestive tract.

Consumption of CAW Solution

Once you have the solution — consume one glass (8 – 10 oz) per day for the first three days, then increase to two glasses per day for three days. During the first few days you may experience very mild body discomfort (very light diarrhea or joint pain and very mild temporary upset stomach) as your body adjusts to a healthier water diet. After the first six days drink as much as you want, but the recommended minimum amount would be at least three glasses over a day. The director of this study drinks at least 2 or 3 liters a day of the Catalyst Altered Water mixture and has since 1986. Use it for cooking and drinking. It is wonderful for plants (every fourth or fifth watering) and pets.

Purchasing CAW Concentrate

Catalyst Altered Water concentrate, in the USA, is available to the public through websites ( and In Canada, CAW is purchased directly from Natural Health Organic Sulfur Products Ltd. Our company works closely with the British Columbia wholesale distributor for a low price and reasonable shipping rates.

CAW concentrate is usually sold by the gallon (best price), although one liter and 8-ounce sample bottles are available. The dark is a little more expensive because you use two ounces instead of one for each gallon of treated water. One gallon of clear CAW concentrate should last one person, on a high water intake of drinking and cooking, approximately 5 to 6 months.

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