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Owner and Director

Richard Clark

Richard has been a talk therapist, seminar leader, educator (college/university level) and consultant, specializing in addictions, applied problem solving, relationships, stress, illness, energy healing, spirituality, and sex problems since 1986.

He is nationally certified in Canada as a therapist and energy healer. Richard was a licensed massage therapist, and since 2001 has been a trained and certified energy healer (energy healing practitioner) in several modalities. He’s a published author and is presently writing his fourth book, which will have chapters on the benefits and intricate relationship between Body Energy Healing, Catalyst Altered Water, CF-IP6, and Organic Sulfur.

Richard began research into organic sulfur and its benefits in 2001 and, within a year formally organized and began this study. Since then, his research on organic sulfur has taken him to four countries on tours of production facilities and two universities for education. His seminars were offered on relationships, Buddhism, addictions, sexuality, applied problem solving, family violence, twelve-step programs, body energy healing, chronic illness, healing without medicine, trauma, organic sulfur, spirituality and religion. He has lectured in Canada, China, Israel, Dubai, Russia, Ukraine, England, and the United States.

For information about Richard’s addiction recovery work and his books and seminars please go to

Catherine Bujold, is our General Manager. She has worked in the health services industry and office environments for many years. She has professionally studied natural health protocols. Catherine been with this project for over four years and has extensive experience working with our customers.

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