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People are in a critical organic sulfur deficiency.

Research from the project, in the form of customer interviews and literature review, leaves us believing that the absence of organic sulfur is a significant contributing factor to the drastic increase of disease and over-all poor health in North America.


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Information & Articles

Organic sulfur, like many vitamins and supplements, aides and promotes general health.


IP6 + inositol, referred to as CF-IP6 is one of the more amazing food products that is being recommended for a wide range of health concerns, the most important appears to be cancer prevention and treatment.

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“Sulfur” exists in two forms in nature—as a hard yellow granular elemental mineral (not bio-available) and as a part of an organic white compound molecule (bio-available).

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Chemistry & Production

Claims about “plant-based” organic sulfur being better than other types are false and hold no scientific merit. Yes, there are important differences between the different sulfur products that are sold for consumption.

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Myths & Truths

Myths and Internet speculation and greed have led to many conflicting claims and myths, perpetuated by untrained (or sometimes ignorant) resellers.

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