We make no claims or guarantees and none of this is to imply a cure to any illness. Do not avoid proper medical or psychological consultation. Organic sulfur promotes and assists in recovery of health as vitamins and supplements do.

For US customers – We cannot ship this to the USA. It is available through Amazon and at some dedicated health food-integrated holistic pharmacies.)

IP6 + inositol, referred to as CF-IP6 is one of the more amazing food products that is being recommended for a wide range of health concerns, the most important appears to be cancer prevention and treatment.

Below is an image of the product we sell and an image of the two books recommended (available through Amazon) for a detailed read about the product. If you are not into complicated reading get only Too Good To Be True which is more a medium level introduction by Dr. Kim Vanderlinden and Dr. Ivana Vucenik. This is more than enough information for the lay reader. The green book, IP6+inositol by Dr. Shamsuddin is the advanced read.


This is a very brief list of the benefits of this CF IP6 as listed in the books identified below: .

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It is a little on the sweet side of taste, not unpleasant, and dissolved in water (let stand for three or four minutes until it turns a pale yellow color) and then drink it. Twice a day is recommended, morning and later afternoon. This is a food product and already a part of our diet. There are no adverse effects reported.

​These benefits are reports from either of the two books listed below. There is reported anecdotal evidence of its positive effect reported in the books and from the reports received by Richard Clark the owner of this company. ​

We have had customers that report that CFIP6 offers excellent benefits to household pets with cancer. A smaller daily dose sprinkled on their food, twice a day.

We report, you decide.

People are in a critical organic sulfur deficiency.

Research from the project, in the form of customer interviews and literature review, leaves us believing that the absence of organic sulfur is a significant contributing factor to the drastic increase of disease and over-all poor health in North America.

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