We make no claims or guarantees and none of this is to imply a cure to any illness. Do not avoid proper medical or psychological consultation. Organic sulfur promotes and assists in recovery of health as vitamins and supplements do. Download the free information—take some time and read what we report here.


The manual, website, other printed material and correspondence make specific reference to Methylsulfonylmethane MSM (also known as Ddimethylsulfoxide2—DMSO2) referred to as Organic Sulfur; Dimethylsulfoxide1 or DMSO1; Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) also known as ‘Willard Water’; the NHOS Ltd. proprietary mixture Skin Treatment Gel and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)/Body Energy Healing. Independent lab tests report this organic sulfur is a large flake that analyzes at 99.85% pure. The balance is trace moisture from water and DMSO1. Product analysis shows much greater purity, often 8 – 10 times fewer heavy metals and impurities than the general food-industry or supplement standard, consistently shown over twelve years of regular examination. Organic sulfur is a non-regulated non-perishable food product. In good faith, to our knowledge, none of these products, including the energy healing protocols, have been evaluated by any regulatory agency in North America. Catalyst Altered Water is a US patent-protected molecular-altered water. DMSO1 (dimethylsulfoxide1) is a semi-restricted liquid classed as a reactive solvent.

You must decide whether to consult a physician before using any product or making any adjustments to your healthcare, diet, supplements, and/or lifestyle. Our products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. While we will keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied. None of this information is intended to be interpreted as a cure. This company and website and printed information including emails, and our services, are for information/customer education. Nothing contained in this site, in printed material or correspondence should be considered or used as a substitute for psychological or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This site and our services do not constitute the practice of medicine. Users should always consider seeking the advice of a physician with any questions regarding their health or medical conditions. Should you disregard, avoid, delay or adjust medical treatments or not obtain medical advice because of something you have seen or read on our site or any related material that is at your risk and we DO NOT advise this. Whether you consult a physician before purchasing or using any of our products or seeking a consultation is your choice. Many participants have discussed with friends and decided on their own initiative to reduce or alter medication or vitamins or to change or delay planned medical procedures, some with and some without medical consultation. This was their choice and not recommended suggested or encouraged by the director or employees of Natural Health Organic Sulfur Products Ltd.

Choosing to use any of our products or services is a choice you make. We report accurately, you decide responsibly. The benefits described on our website, in consultation, through customer testimonials, or in correspondence are based only on extensive telephone interviews. The information provided is for general information and educational purposes only and there are no implied or specific guarantees or promises made or cures or improvement. Do not expect the same outcomes as the offered testimonials. These protocols have been effective for many people, but that does not guarantee they will be successful or effective for others. We make no guarantee of outcome. These are self-help, self-applied, non-medical health applications in their research stage. Deciding to use them is your personal decision—be responsible. This is intended to provide information and education regarding alternative, non-medical health care.

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