Taking Organic Sulfur / Protocol

Organic sulfur is not related to sulfa drugs

Our organic sulfur is food, although it is spoken of as a vitamin or a supplement. It is not the yellow mineral from mining.

The following recommended guidelines were developed from assessments and interviews with the participants of the West Coast Organic Sulfur Project. Be mindful that organic sulfur has a bitter taste; however, within a month or so the taste becomes a non-issue for most people. Ensure organic sulfur is not taken at the same time as prescription medication, vitamins, or nutraceutical products. These products interfere with organic sulfur. Whenever possible take organic sulfur about 20 minutes before eating or taking other pills and supplements. There are a few exceptions to this empty-stomach guideline.

Healing Crises

Assume for the moment that your body cells, blood cells, blood capillaries, skin cells, cellular oxygen/nutrient transfer, natural detoxification processes, and peptide and amino acid manufacture, aren’t working well. Calcium buildup, plaque, etc., are broken down by organic sulfur, arteries and capillaries soften, blood pressure changes (stabilizes), brain fog dissipates, pain is reduced, free radicals are neutralized, and detoxification and cellular repair begins. At the outset all of this will sometimes precipitate an achy-flu like series of sensations or a few mild headaches—a temporary healing or detox “crisis”.

This is not like the side effects of prescription medication. There are no side effects from organic sulfur. Any healing crisis indicates your body adjusting, in a healing way, to the sudden availability of oxygen and nutrients to your body cells. This sudden change is a shock to your body and the positive shift upsets your biology. These will disappear as your body acclimatizes and stabilizes itself. Any minor healing crisis is evidence that your body is adjusting and healing.

  • 50% of the participants report no discomfort or healing crises at all.
  • 45% of the participants report very minor healing crises, i.e. very mild discomfort, for the first week. Some sort of short-term, mild detoxification is sometimes experienced. These are mild flu-like symptoms (joint aches and pains, headaches, mild and brief periods of fever-like perspiration). These are mild and over the first year, may recur briefly.
  • 5% (or less) go through a temporary healing crises. This consists of noticeable flu-like symptoms that can last a few days to a week or so. Slow acclimatization avoids this.
  • Several people reported mild skin itchiness for a few weeks near the six-month mark. This is attributed to skin healing and detoxification.



We make no claims or guarantees and none of this is to imply a cure to any illness. Do not avoid proper medical or psychological consultation. Organic sulfur promotes and assists in recovery of health as vitamins and supplements do. Download the free information—take some time and read what we report here.

Acclimatization Process

In all but rare situations, everyone should acclimatize when beginning to take organic sulfur. If you are particularly sensitive to foods, have many allergies, or environmental illness and toxic reactions, when beginning to take organic sulfur it is very important that you begin at a low amount and gradually increase to the recommended amount. In a few situations, the gradual increase can take up to 2 months, although it is usually 3 to 4 weeks. At the beginning we recommend this acclimatization process for a reasonably healthy person 120 – 150 pounds:

  • Take ½ teaspoon of organic sulfur once a day in the early morning for 4 days, then
  • Increase to ½ teaspoon twice a day (early AM and about 9 hours later) for 4 days, then
  • Increase to 1 teaspoon twice a day (same times) for 4 days; then
    If there are no flu-like symptoms that indicate a healing crisis, go to the recommended amount for your weight and health issues.

If mild upset is experienced over more than two days at any level go back to the previous, smaller amount for an extra week. Give your body time to adjust. If there are no flu-detoxification symptoms you can increase more rapidly. You be the judge and use common sense. Healing crises are resolved with a very gradual increase in the amount taken. Be patient and persevere. Our bodies, like the tides and the seasons, work in a gentle rhythm. Try and relax into this protocol. Don’t become fanatic about it. Avoid erratic taking of organic sulfur, which will prohibit results and may set up an unhealthy feast-or-famine cellular reaction. Ensure the recommended amount is being consumed regularly and consistently, at least twice a day.

Taking The Right Amount

The amounts of organic sulfur that are suggested during your first consultation interview are guidelines based on these main factors:

  • height and weight : being over-weight for your height requires that you take more than the standard recommended amount — BMI — which is related to heart-mass pressure;
  • general weight – if you are height/weight appropriate, the heavier you are the more you take (larger mass requires more organic sulfur);
  • the illness or health conditions you are trying to address: the more chronic and serious the illness, the more you take[1]; and,
  • the amount of stress you cope with (a crucial but subjective evaluation). Stress, environmental and emotional, makes greater demands on your physiology; with more stress take slightly more organic sulfur.

To collect this information so we can offer a recommendation, requires a brief telephone interview.

Confidentiality: Any and all information provided by customers to Natural health Organic Sulfur Products Ltd. and any related correspondence, is privileged and confidential information. It is never shared, distributed, or sold. Never. All financial information collected is held according to SSL secure Canadian banking and internet standards.

Myths & Truths page on organic sulfur.


Taking Organic Sulfur — An ingestion guide is sent out with each purchase.

There are two options for taking it:

  • Put the recommended amount directly into your mouth and quickly swallow it with a few sips of water. Follow this with drinking 10 oz of water. This appears to be the most convenient and effective to get quickly past the taste. (or)
  • Dissolve the amount in a large (10 oz) glass of warm or room temperature water and drink it. This appears to be the most disagreeable because of the exposure to its bitter taste.[2]

If taking it for a severe illness, a few weeks after you have recovered it will be fine to reduce the amount to what is recommended for your normal weight, but while ill or recovering you take more than is recommended for the restoration of good health. Children as young as 19 months have taken it with positive results—dissolve the amount in unsweetened cranberry juice and have them drink it. In a few cases, organic sulfur has shown itself to be effective in reducing autism and early-onset indications of Alzheimer’s. This has not been consistently shown, but it has been reported.

With a few acute, chronic and serious health concerns it is recommended to take it three or four times a day. This is rare and requires consultation and is done on a need-to-only basis for some conditions. Twice a day is most often enough. Translating amounts: 1 tsp (teaspoon) = 4 to 5 g and 1 TBsp (tablespoon) = 14 to 15 g.


For a reasonably healthy adult (20 to 65 years), of about 120 – 140 pounds (56 – 63 KG), between 5’ 4” and 5’ 8” tall (160 cm to 170 cm), with a low to moderate active life, the recommended amount after acclimatization would be two teaspoons (2 tsp = about 10 g) twice a day. There is a very broad range of daily amounts recommended.

Over the years, we’ve had 19 months old the youngest so far, many pregnant women, and a man 92 years young, the oldest. We’ve had house pets from parakeets and budgie birds and a weasel to really big dogs and horses. And of course, there’s from very good health (competitive athletes) to the very sick and infirm, and we consider how long a person has been coping with whatever their dominate condition is. The person’s height and weight are important considerations; as is environmental or substance sensitivities, stress, and pre- or post-medical treatments including surgery. To suggest a “standard, general amount” for everyone is not effective. This is why we strongly suggest a brief consultation the first time you buy organic sulfur (it’s free and a service not provided by other sellers).

Within reason, you can’t take too much organic sulfur. The director took 1/3 of a pound a day for three weeks. The experiment caused mild diarrhea and light sleep. There was no ill effect. The most common reasons for poor results: not taking it twice a day; not taking the recommended amount; not taking enough; not consuming enough water (approx. 1 liter per 50 pounds of body weight spread throughout the day). Again, take it about 20 minutes before consuming any vitamins, prescriptions, or food in the morning and a few minutes (10 – 30) before your evening meal. Avoid taking organic sulfur within 5 hours of bedtime. We will occasionally recommend taking it with meals but this is rare.


House pets and animals benefit greatly from organic sulfur. It can be sprinkled on their food or dissolved in their water. Note that for house pets, taking organic sulfur usually will make bowel movements more frequent. As with people, the recommended amounts for pets vary greatly.

Packaging, Storage & Shelf Life

Bulk: Our product is sold in vacuum-packed 454 g (1-pound) packages. This maintains its non-contaminated purity. It has a stated shelf life of five years. Recent tests of “old product”, stored in bulk, vacuum packages, demonstrated it was effective after 10 years of dry, sealed storage. For daily use, store it in a clean glass jar on the counter. The vacuum-sealed packages don’t require special storage. ‘In a cupboard’ is good enough. Consuming it at the rate of 1½ – 2 teaspoons twice a day, 1 pound (454 g) will last about 30 days, and one tablespoon twice a day will last about 24 days. Over time, it may clump up (which is natural), just break it apart into flakes when consuming it.

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