Our No Store-Front policy — shipping only — has nothing to do with us “being bothered” with customers or not offering individual support. If we open a retail outlet and offer in-store pick up, the cost of extra staff, renting office space, more time investment for us, added administration, staff supervision, maintenance and upkeep, insurance, advertising, new licensing and legal fees, would force us to increase the cost of our products by 100%. Retail outlets are very expensive to maintain. That’s why the Internet Marketplace is so popular. Prices are less expensive specifically due to good shipping rates and less overhead.

It is better customer service to offer the lower price and consultations by phone. Shipping and consultation is more convenient, easy on the environment, less driving, and arrives at your door with no problems. By 2010 we have had well over 20,000 shipments with a problem rate of less than 0.02%, which we usually resolve within four business days. This keeps customer cost down to a very manageable level, spreads the administration cost evenly to all our customers, and keeps the convenience factor and service success “up”. Our pricing and policies are carefully thought out over twenty-one years of experience to get the best products to you at the lowest price possible.


When I began this endeavor in 1999 organic sulfur was very low in public awareness. After two years of research and site inspections, in 2001, I went public with my information and sales to customers. At that time there was only one other use-and-benefits study of any merit, and the ingestion protocols and knowledge of products were still largely guesswork.

Our long term goal was to undertake research and develop a sound knowledge base for the use of organic sulfur—understanding ingestion management, the specific benefits of taking it: rates, amounts, frequency, ingestion times, acclimatization protocols, related water concerns, contraindications (if any), pH levels, amino acid and free radical impact, relationship to chronic or acute illness and/or injury, environmental health concerns, negative stress influences, substance sensitivities, production standards, and more. It’s complicated. Additionally, there were misunderstandings from the medical community, harsh reactions from some medical professionals, myths and misinformation, outrageous claims by some self-appointed health gurus, archaic government regulations, vaguely identified production standards, and greed to contend with. What quickly became clear was how complex this all is. It isn’t simple.

If, in the beginning, organic sulfur ingestion is mismanaged there can be some early consequences by promoting a healing crisis, especially for people who are chronically ill or substance sensitive. For anyone to follow a series of approximate instructions on a generic label, or to receive ingestion advice from an untrained person, is seriously unethical and insufficient. There is also the wide range of production standards, imported products, additives, and post-production additives that are generally ill advised. And with all of that, there’s customer or patient expectations for the resolution of health concerns. What is described here is for the organic sulfur that we sell. We cannot and do not speak or advise on behalf of other products.

There has to be a considered and in depth knowledge of what happens biologically, adjustments to any standard protocol for preexisting health concerns—which require more and which less, what acclimatization is required, when to bypass acclimatization (with some attendant consequences) the digestive and cellular dynamics resulting from the molecule’s breakdown, molecular component bio-metabolization, and the short-term management of possible healing crises. Attendant to all of that is the manufacturing process, source material, countries and standards—not all organic sulfur is the same—repackaging, additives & flow agents, certification, and end-product purity. And, finally, there is the age, weight, frailty, sensitivity level, and complex myriad health concerns of the individual. Recommending and advising on the use of organic sulfur is quite complex and there have been many disappointments for the poorly-advised consumer.

Here, at the West Coast Organic Sulfur Project, I have made the investment of time, research, and education. I have travelled in China, India, Russia, the USA and Canada researching facilities and interviewing professionals. I’ve taken courses and interviewed PhD chemists and health practitioners in three countries, and paid thousands of dollars for product analysis. Since 2001, a careful estimate would be that I have monitored the progress of over 4,000 people and conducted 19,000 hours of interviews with customers. I consider this overall investment to be the basic requirement to be able to recommend an Organic Sulfur protocol.

There are many unscrupulous or ill-informed people who see selling organic sulfur as an easy cash-cow and start promoting and selling it. I estimate that about 70% of the customers I speak with must overcome healing crises and complications from the poor recommendations and bad case-management of promoters who couldn’t offer the correct guidance. [Our own customer/consumer complications from our organic sulfur are less than 0.5% and easily correctable.]

Anyone who undertakes to buy and sell it to the general public, without specific and extensive knowledge, which took me three years to acquire, is doing a disservice to the people they sell it to. It is not a simple matter of buying and selling it, but sadly, there are people who, due to their own greed, sell it without regard for the possible mild detoxification crisis that infrequently happens. These early reactions are very rare if the recommended guidelines are followed, but they do happen infrequently. Regrettably, I can do nothing about unscrupulous people, I can only maintain this company’s high standard of customer service.

Here, at Natural Health Organic Sulfur Products Ltd. we have the necessary expertise, which underlies all our consultations. Our consultations are free. It is for these reasons that I created and wrote our Ingestion Guide. This is unique to our product (pharmaceutically pure without any additives) and made available to all customers with every purchase. Here, a real person with knowledge and experience answers the phone. Our products are proven to be the highest quality available anywhere in the world. People can use our products with confidence. We participate in responsible health care.

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